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       A fledgling business devoted to sustainable methodologies, BaiSolutions continues to develop cost efficient technologies pertaining to the environmental field. From initial carbon management and conversion designs to hybrid wind power systems and paint-on energy storage, our project is to create a more environmentally efficacious society through renewable and biodegradable products.

Automobile- Based Carbon Battery Device
Research & 
Development on Biodegradable Plastics from Agricultural Waste
Wind Energy Harnessing/Paint-on-Fabrication Capacitor Systems
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BaiSolutions interacts with students in Eklavya School in Kolhapur, India in regards to environmental sustainability and low-cost irrigation technology.

(Late May-August 2018)

Our aim is to act as a catalyst in the movement regarding the transition between conventional methodologies of energy consumption to renewable and low-cost sources. This website presents a set of distinct devices intended towards benefiting farmers and individuals in the agricultural sector, to the reduction of carbon effluents and wind energy (capture & storage) technology. 

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